Frequently Asked Questions


What is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage or “the practical expression of loving kindness,” has been in Thailand’s history over a thousand years.

Thai massage was developed more than 2,500 years ago by a physician to Buddha, Jivaka Kumarabhacca. Jivaka had a particular treatment to relieve muscles pain which became Traditional Thai Medical Massage or “Nuad Phaen Boran Thai.” 2,500 years ago people did not have a written version so the teachings passed down from one generation to the next generation in the form of verbal traditions.

For centuries, the unique Thai massage procedure has incorporated yoga stretching, deep compressions, acupressure, herbal and spa treatments, and meditation.. In the 1920’s Thai bodywork became an official profession within the practice of Thai traditional medicine. Traditional Thai Massage is considered to provide a lot of benefits regarding restoration and maintenance of life. Moreover, the Thai authorities regulate the industry and set standards for technique and safety.

What makes UNKNOT Thai & Wellness Spa Different?

Unknot offers a full range of massage a spa options, but with an emphasis on Thai massage and other eastern healing techniques.

The décor is customized with an eastern-western fusion atmosphere of calm and meditation with liberal use of fountains and water movement in keeping with Feng Shui principals. A visit to Unknot is an immersive experience, a vacation from the stresses of the everyday work world.

The client will be escorted to their room for the selected therapy. The sessions will be conducted on special Thai mats or massage tables.

About Our Founder

Founder and educator Ketsarin “Ket” Hansen, is from Thailand, received a degree in massage therapy, has been practicing Thai massage in America for seven years, and is a licensed massage therapist in Texas, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Ket trained under two Thai masters and managed her own business as a mobile massage therapist, working both at client homes and at various upscale Washington DC spas.

Ket’s education is well suited to the massage and spa industry. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Thailand in hospitality. She received a certificate in fitness and a certificate in massage therapy from NOVA in Virginia. Finally, she has a Master’s of Science Degree in Health Promotion Management from Marymount University.

Ketsarin moved to El Paso and is motivated to use her educational background and practical massage therapy experience to help people improve their quality of life. She has seen numerous people who return to her because of her “healing hands”. Her proven therapies have eliminated their chronic pain. Her knowledge of anatomy through her work experience and education helps her to be particularly effective in treating customers to a level beyond the ordinary massage therapist.

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* We observe a 24 Cancellation Policy if you wish to cancel or make a change please contact us directly. Appointments within a 24 hour time frame will require a valid credit card to hold the appointment. Facials are booked by appointment only, contact us directly for availability.